Gerard Tsutakawa’s designs are a confluence of the cultures and traditions of the Pacific Rim.

Gerard grew up with a rich heritage of Japanese design creativity and sensibility combined with a lifetime spent in the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful natural environment. In addition, exposure to the esthetics of cultures around the Pacific Rim instilled a humanistic approach to his creative process.

He gathers images as bold as a Tongan war club or as sensitive as folded origami paper and creates a subliminal integration as a new art form.


His first sculpture commission, for a Children’s Park,  initiated a theme of approachability and interaction which continued as a foundation for his future designs.

The iconic “MITT” sculpture, created in 1999, blended both whimsy and baseball history for the Seattle Mariners Stadium. The public is invited to be a part of the artwork.  It is designed as an approachable and accessible creation for the public to enjoy.


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